New insights

into the Plant Empowerment philosophy

Our goal is to empower growers worldwide to cultivate crops more sustainably and profitably. Through our online courses, webinars, and live workshops, you'll gain the knowledge and skills to optimize your results while minimizing resource use, all while connecting with fellow growers from around the world. Click below to explore the online courses available.

What others say about the courses

“It’s always good to learn new things. The way we grow has changed quite a lot over the years. With that in mind, I would definitely recommend Plant Empowerment to other growers. The training courses did give me a broader view on how to grow. It is also good to get in touch with growers around the world to discuss growing principles and not just stay in your own circle.”

Addy Breugem - Thanet Earth Tomatoes

“But the purpose of this workshop was not to make us an expert on each topic; rather, it was to make us aware of the importance of, and give us confidence in, the Plant Empowerment philosophy so that we could then continue learning, and applying it, outside of the classroom.”

Denis Lavoie - Cytech Corbin

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Plant Empowerement course and the interaction with the other participants. It was a well-organized course with good topics that make you think about the way we're growing the crops in the greenhouse. ”

Tim de Kok - Windset Farms

Are you ready

for the road to sustainable horticulture?

Do you want to optimize your cultivation, get more yields per square meter, and use fewer resources? Plant Empowerment is a proven philosophy to achieve this. It is our main goal to help you better understand the philosophy so you can apply it and really improve your results. Other growers who have applied this cultivation method already have achieved incredible results.

BASF has achieved 121 kilograms by applying the philosophy in combination with an implementation program and also the winning team in the Autonomous Greenhouse Challenge applied the philosophy successfully.

"Great Northern turns ambitions into reality thanks to Plant Empowerment"